Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 19th: Cherry Pie Cupcakes

This week's selection from the book, "What's New Cupcake?", was the pie cupcakes. The flavour voted was cherry, thus I made cherry cupcakes that look like cherry pies. The piping of the pie crust (which is just vanilla icing with cocoa and yellow food colouring added to make the desired colour) was semi-frustrating. The tip I used seemed too big, yet anything smaller would not have looked even over the red candy. It was amazing to me that the book even suggested just using a ziplock bag with a hole in it, I can't imagine how difficult that would have been. I used red Smarties candy as the "cherries" and then piped the frosting over to resemble a pie. I've seen some other variations of this cupcake on the internet where cherry filling is actually used and fondant makes the pie crust/dough. I think I would try the style again but with those different materials. The actual cupcake is a cherry cupcake with real cherries in it. After I ran out of Smarties, I decided to decorate the cupcakes more simply; you can see the pics of those cupcakes after the jump.

Also, check back later this week for some 'special order' cupcakes I've made recently!

 Click the link below to see recipe and another way you can decorate these cupcakes.

Recipe to come...

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