Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WW: Green Tea Cupcakes Win!

Wow! Thanks for all the votes this week! 48! New Record, Woohoo! Green tea has won despite Peanut Butter's lead most of the week. I am excited to try the green tea cupcakes, however, it has been quite the adventure to even get to the baking stage.

After my car overheating while driving home from work (for the second time in two weeks!), and then having to brave the cold to refill my coolant (a simple task that takes me, a non-car person, a ridiculous amount of time to do), I was not in the best mood. And that's not even including the extra trip across the city in the snow storm to get the Matcha green tea powder required for these cupcakes. By the time I am starting my baking, I know its going to be a late night. However, I like baking in the night when every else in the house is sleeping. It's sort of therapeutic. Plus I can make a big mess while baking and have time to clean, and no one will know. And everyone can wake up to some fresh goodies!

Come back tomorrow to see how they turn out!

Green Tea: 25
Peanut Butter: 23

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